Bracknell Radio-Controlled Car Club


When and Prices last updated Dec 2019


Racing takes place on Monday evenings from around 7:30pm.

The Centre opens around 7:00 for track building and car fettling etc.  Driver booking in is at 7:30, and racing gets underway about 7:45.

Depending on the number of drivers, we usually race 3 rounds of heats, with a short break after round 2.

Finals are run with driver placings based on their best 2 heat scores.

Racing typically finishes around 10:30


Race Dates – Spring and Autumn

We generally race every Monday evening except Bank Holiday Mondays, or if the Centre is booked for special occasions, eg Christmas parties.

We run two 20-week Championships run during the year, in the Spring and Autumn.  Your best 12 rounds count towards your final championship position.  Each driver is only elligble for one award per annum, meaning your lowest position is rejected, and re-allocated to the next driver etc.  Yes, this sounds a bit complicated but it does mean more drivers get a trophy.


Prize-giving is at the last meeting in December



BRCC membership will cost £10 for the 2020 calendar year.  Newcomers joining part-way through the year may be offered a pro rata reduction, eg £5 for joining in the summer.

All members also have to join the BRCA, which is currently £20 per annum, covering January to December.  Unfortunately there are no reductions in this fee for joining later in the year.


Racing fees are £4 per night for BRCC members, and £5 per night for non-members.


We also run a Junior class (will be GT12 only) for younger school-age kids wanting to get into racing.  We only charge these kids £2 to race (but for insurance purposes they must be fully paid-up members of BRCC & BRCA).



Well your going to need to know where we race to be able to race, right? We race at the Birch Hill Community Centre in Bracknell. The web is world wide so just so you know thats Berkshire, England. Its behind the Birch Hill School and close to the new Aldi supermarket in Birch Hill. Click the "Map" Below to view  a larger version.


SatNav = RG12 7WW